About Us


VoIPStratus is an Ottawa based voice cloud PBX telecommunication solution built and managed by leading expert in the managed services cloud sector. Our team is locally based in Ottawa with datacenters all over Canada, and the United States, with development experts who continue to focus on customer satisfaction while delivering voice technology at the highest standard. Our team continues to deliver the reliability, and quality of voice technology, while maintaining the security necessary for a continued evolving future.

VoIPStratus, based in Canada, has datacentres and voice capabilities that reach internationally. It’s Voice technology is directly peered with over 10 of the largest internet/telecom providers, making sure call quality is at its best throughout any circumstance. Geographically placed in Canada, the United States, Mexico and Brazil, VoIPStratus can guarantee the utmost quality and uptime for your telecommunication needs.


VoIPStratus’ mission statement is “to connect, collaborate and provide secure means of communication while continuing to evolve beyond our expectations.” This refers to delivering secure communication to our customers, while providing them the tools to streamline and focus on their core business while leaving the technology to our experts. This also refers to pushing our employees to work together to come up with new ways to automate and connect our systems together to learn and adapt to change while we continue into a future of more complex technologies. To adapt to the future at hand.


VoIPStratus’ vision is “to connect each other securely, quickly and with simplicity”. The company’s nature of business is to simplify technology for our customers, to provide quick access to communication and sharing tools at a competitive cost. Our product is based on technology that exists today, but customized to facilitate its use.
VoIPStratus’ vision has three variables, namely, Secure, simplify, and evolve. VoIPStratus fulfills these variables by working and growing effectively as a company with processes in place that continue to challenge us as we move to an even more connected world.


VoIPStratus’ core values consist of the following;

Anticipate needs

  • Know your customers – be there for them
  • Understand your clients and their business
  • Foresee opportunities and initiate change
  • Respect our clients and our team

Go beyond expectations

  • Strive for excellence
  • Dare to think differently
  • Challenge conventions and shape the future
  • Trust your strengths and develop your talent

Perform together

  • Create effective and close partnerships with our customers
  • Share your insight, build our knowledge
  • Build strong and enthusiastic teams
  • Be curious, open and have fun

Empower and inspire

  • Share your energy and ideas with others
  • Be open to new ideas yourself
  • Trust your colleagues
  • Initiate and fulfill


VoIPStratus is a group of highly talented individuals in all fields of technology working as a team to bring our customers great solutions in the telecom field. With offices in Ottawa, Vancouver, Miami, Mexico City and in France, we continue to grow and provide cost effective cloud telecommunication solutions to customers around the globe.

Shawn Ebbs

President and CEO

Kevin Conroy

Vice President

Annie Joanisse

Bookkeeper / Accounting

Malu Egido

Sales Director

Jeremy Lamarche

IT Operations &Projects


Senior Systems Administrator
Tech Support Team

Tim Fry

VoIP Administrator / DevOps

Guillaume Billette

Procurement and Inventory Coordinator

Jocelyn Umengan

Marketing and Social Media Manager

Kyvan Emami

Systems Administrator
Tech Support Team

Curtis Tran

Systems Administrator
Tech Support Team

Alex Smalley

Systems Administrator
Tech Support Team

Kelly Moss-Donaldson

Systems Administrator
Tech Support Team

Elvin Gomez

Systems Administrator
Tech Support Team

Julie Labadie

Systems Administrator
Tech Support Team

Jessica Gao

Web Developer
Web and Graphics Division

Nicholas Steting

Graphics Designer
Web and Graphics Division

Christian Bouthot

Business Coach

Jacob Blais-Ebbs

The “Runner”
Being moulded

Bedh Toka Wada

Regional Sales Manager
France Division

Christopher Canseco

System Administrator
Mexico Division

Javier Canseco

Regional Sales Manager
Mexico Division

Rohan Pall

Lead Developer