With VoIPStratus


Internet telephony does more than increase savings by lowering costs. It also enables the business to leverage existing applications and integrate them together to be more productive. VoIPStratus enables our clients to leverage the mobile application, the desktop softphone, so they maintain their productivity just like they were still in the office. Place and receive calls from anywhere in the world. An increase in mobility assists individuals who are always on the move, especially corporate employees who are required to travel. Long distance VoIP calls are also relatively cheaper than traditional cell phone calls.


Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology can increase the overall productivity of an organization by allowing their employees to multi-task without interruption. It also allows the organization to allocate funds usually spent on traditional phone bills to other aspects of the business. VoIP also allows users to attach documents, conduct virtual meetings, and share data via video conferencing. The VoIPStratus technology has also enhanced voice clarity to make it indistinguishable from traditional telephony. Earlier VoIP versions produced distorted phone calls, lagging transmission, and dropped calls. The change in VoIP technology has made it more appealing to businesses and corporations who do not want to deal with previous bugs. With VoIPStratus coverage in Datacentres in both North and Central America, you can assure, voice quality is of our utmost importance.


VoIP installation requires little technical know-how. In fact, the easy installation process and mobility of the VoIP system offers a high advantage over traditional telephones. For instance, businesses no longer require separate cabling for traditional telephone systems. It also cuts down on cluttering and fire hazards associated with extra electrical wires. The scalability of the VoIP infrastructure makes it easy to add new components with minimal hassle. Since the transfer of voice to digital signals occurs using software instead of hardware, it makes it easier to alter and maintain the entire system. All of these features make Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology a popular choice among businesses, especially for those lacking computer-savvy personnel.

VoIP technology combines and stores data onto one single network. This increases the manageability, cost-effectiveness, and productivity for businesses that need reliable communication. Businesses can also invest in wireless VoIP technology to make low-cost calls from any place that offers Wi-Fi, such as cafeterias, book stores, hotels, airports, and a variety of other locations.


In an effort to minimize the use of applications, why not leverage your existing CRM platform into VoIPStratus’ PBX. Embed calling functions into your CRM, and or pre-populate your VoIP software from your CRM contact list. Added call features like hold, transfer conference and even support for a new line makes everything much simpler. Improve productivity of your workforce while VoIPStratus can help bring systems together to make for a more functional, efficient business. Learn and ask our engineers how your CRM can communicate with our PBX.

Hosted vs On Premise

There are pros and cons for both hosted VoIPStratus PBX or an on-premise hosted solution. There are some fundamental differences to each of the systems and they feature advantages that should be known prior to making a decision on one or the other. The move to an IP-PBX business phone system is beneficial regardless of which system is ultimately chosen. However, there are differences and knowing those leads to a better VoIP phone system and a higher level of satisfaction for the company, employees and even callers.

Hosted: Lower equipment cost, No setup fees, Low monthly cost, upgrades and new features are included, and support is included.
On Premise: Higher cost and setup, higher maintenance costs, requires onsite skillset, and requires proper network infrastructure.

Remote Management

VoIPStratus PBX is easier to maintain and has a much lower total cost of ownership than traditional PBX phone systems. With a hosted phone system, remote workers can easily connect to the main office phone system with no extra equipment required. Smartphones can even be used as remote extensions with a softphone app that is included at no additional charge. If there is a power outage at your office, your phone system doesn’t have to go offline. With a hosted phone system, employees can take their phone to another location with an internet connection or utilize the smartphone app and continue to work.
In addition to the cost savings of the phone system itself, VoIPStratus PBX provides substantial savings on your monthly phone bill. With VoIPStratus, you eliminate the need for traditional phone lines. Your minutes for voice calls can be offered as an unlimited long distance plan that is significantly cheaper than traditional voice service from your local phone company.

Web Conferencing

Meeting in person with just one individual can be expensive and time consuming, and even more so when you are trying to get a whole room full of people together to discuss something important. Instead of factoring in commutes and rented conference rooms, have everyone meet virtually from the comfort of their own offices. With VoIPStratus web conferencing feature (included in the service), you can do and share everything you would in a face-to-face meeting, such as uploading files to share or giving everyone a view of your own screen. Hosting a lecture or a webinar is also easy this way.

Because there are so many different kinds of laptops and mobile devices out there, web conferencing software has been developed with a similar variety, enabling any solution in regards to operating systems and other differing technology. All-computer web conferencing is readily available, but also make sure to take into consideration the rising dependence of mobile devices by everyone; perhaps the group would be more interested in web conferencing from their smart phones, so in that case you would choose a software that excels in mobile devices.