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VoIPStratus Cloud PBX

As business environments change, so does the way we communicate. Telephone service is becoming much more than a dial tone. Employees are demanding extensive features such as ring queue, voicemail to email, softphones, and flexbility between desk phones and mobiles. Traditionally, these features are extremely expensive for an on-premises phone system. These costly systems require dedicated rack space, not to mention skills to manage it. It is easy to see why organizations are switching to cloud based PBX to eliminate on-site hardware and maintenance.

Industry research expects the global cloud PBX and unified communications market to reach over $12 billion in 2019. It is predicted that there will be over 60 million hosted seats in service, while on-premises PBX sales drop substantially. It is not hard to see why organizations are ready to make the switch. Hosted PBX offers quite the list of benefits.

  • 1.Lower Hardware & Servicing Costs
  • 2. Customer Experience
  • 3. Mobile Integration
  • 4. Call Logging
  • 5. Advanced Features
  • 6. Scalability
  • 7. Business Continuity
  • 8. Voice Quality
  • 9. Long Distance Cost Control
  • 10. Number Rentention (Porting).

VoIPStratus On Premise Managed PBX

A modern phone system must be capable of more than simple phone calls. You need a system with integrated features such as voicemail-to-email, instant messages and video conferencing. Why pay to maintain hardware for every type of media node?

Expect an excellent return on investment when you take advantage of VoIPStratus Managed PBX.

On-premise VoIP solutions, are for larger enterprises with 250+ concurrent calls which require a feature rich, cost effective VoIP solution leveraging own managed hardware or a server located on-site and maintained and managed by the business and VoIPStratus support engineers.



Reliable systems completely customizable to serve a specific need; Hotels, Schools, Restaurants, Manufacturing Plant, etc.

Control Panel

VoIPStratus will surprise you when you view our feature rich control panel and the convenience your business will have to manage your entire phone system from an easy to use web portal. Let us provide your staff with a walkthrough of how features are easy to use, passwords and extension to be provisioned, all from a few clicks.


With VoIPStratus, you will have the ability to setup your own mobile app for teleworkers, giving them the ability to work from home as if working from the office. Small differences matter.

No Monthly Fees

Onsite systems are yours to manage and look after, but rest assure, we are available if needed.

Maintenance Available

If being more safe than sorry, than look no further, VoIPStratus has you covered. With real-time monitoring and unlimited support plans, let our support staff manage the entire PBX for you.

SIP Trunking

VoIPStratus is the ideal partner for voice providers operating with session border controller with direct connectivity to wholesale PSTN infrastructure from some of the largest global provider. VoIPStratus is your SIP wholesale partner to provide you cost-effective ways to expand your business effectively. We leverage existing Tier 2 and 3 datacenter facilities and, as such, are privately cross-connected to the largest Canadian IP network providers. Any properly designed IP network configuration can be supported, including multiple VPN connections and direct colocation of equipment to our data centre. Rely on our network infrastructure and wholesale SIP Trunking services for both origination and termination of your traffic.
The VoIPStratus network infrastructure delivers service all over Canada, United States and Mexico.

The SIPs ensures that SIP over TLS is used between each pair of hops to validate and secure the connection, and provide a secure endpoint-to-endpoint connection.

Secure SIP is an optional feature offered by VoIPStratus for companies concerned with secured communication. To learn more about this feature and how your business can leverage this option, please email our sales team at [email protected]

Enterprise Switching Technology

VoIPStratus Corp utilizes Sangoma technology routing and switching in order to provider and delivery 100% of our network capacity using any one of the available compression codecs that we support. Our Sangoma powered technology also support geographical diversity at the media gateway layer and at the signalling layer to ensure network resiliency and survivability.
Contact us to discuss how you can dynamically increase revenues by delivering high-quality, low-cost services to households and businesses.


VoIPStratus has built our reputation on the flexible, reliable and cost-effective way we deliver SIP Trunking solutions to Global Carriers and Resellers alike.
• 24 / 7 Support in Canada
• Local number portability support
• A fully compliant 911 solution
• Facilitating DID and toll-free ordering and activation
• Daily CDR and billing statistics delivered through a web portal or API
• North American DID coverage.

Network specifications and capabilities:

• Datacenter Routing Failover for built-in redundancy
• Codec support for G.711, G.726, G.721, and G.729a/b
• QoS support via TOS bit
• T38 fax support
• 15-character manageable Caller ID and Caller Name
• Basic and VoIP V911 with user-managed location for each DID